Father Ronald Roberts arrived for the first time to Lebanon in 1942 as a chaplain in the British Army. In 1959, he came back to establish a charitable organization and to witness the most beautiful Christian virtues in his life through his activities.
After seven years of efforts, he started the institution known today as “Father Roberts Institute for Young Deaf”.
Father Roberts passed away on the 3rd of April 1983. One year prior to his death, the institute was bequeathed to the nuns of the Basilians Chouerites Order to ensure the good continuity of his charitable task.
Since then, the institute was modernized, enlarged and it diversified its educational and vocational activities.

1984 Complete restoration of the buildings
1985 Audiometric department restored and reequipped in 2001
1992 New technical building, sewing workshop.
1992 Early education system.
1998 “La Joconde” cake-shop was built and equipped
2000 Sports ground.
2001 New building for boarding students
2004 New building for preschool classes
2006 Restoration of the boarding girls building
Restoration of outdoor courts
2008 Restoration of the theater.
Installation of a computer system and Internet
2012 Restoration of the school
2013 Building and transfer pastry

Today, the institution welcomes an average of 110 students (boarder and day pupils) divided up into three branches:
• Early education
• Specialized education and training
• Professional training.